Vert Shock REVIEW – Program works, but take it into practice?!

Vert Shock review

Do you enjoy playing basketball during your free time? Do you envy professional basketball players who make dunking look so easy? Or perhaps, you simply want to jump higher so you can have better stats with your blocks and rebounds.

No matter what the case may be, a high vertical jump will certainly do wonders for you in basketball. Not only will it improve how you play the game, but it will also boost your overall leg strength and athleticism.

Generally, strength training routines that have a leg focus on some days is the key to boosting the legs’ power. The thing is, it doesn’t exactly focus on the specific skills needed to help you jump higher.

In this Vert Shock review, we’ll go over a program that promises to increase your vertical jump by at least 9 to 15 inches — all in just 8 weeks.

Improving Your Vertical Jump: Is It Really Possible?

The simple answer is yes, you can. The more important question is: how much can you improve your current vertical jump?

It all depends on how you plan to achieve your goal. If you aren’t applying the right techniques, then nothing much will happen.

Fortunately, Adam Folker has done all the effort for you through Vert Shock.

Who is Adam Folker?

Vert Shock’s creator, Adam Folker, was an NCAA Division I basketball player for the University of California Irvine. He also went pro later on.

In his experience playing in different leagues, he concluded that having explosive leg power with a high vertical was necessary to excel in basketball. However, he hasn’t always had that in him.

As a high school student, he was the tallest guy in the team, standing at 6’4”. Despite that, he mostly sat on the bench because he had zero explosive ability. You’d think he’d be a star at that height, but he could barely touch the hoop.

Everything changed when he decided that he finally wanted to improve. He came across a particular Russian training regimen meant for high jumpers. This method stated that any athlete could boost their strength, explosiveness, and agility in just 6 weeks.

This is how Vert Shock eventually came to be.

On top of Vert Shock, Adam is also known for FolkerSystem Stages 1 and 2. Both belong to his series of strength and conditioning programs. He also has fat loss programs for both men and women.

What Can Users Expect from Vert Shock?

According to what Adam learned from his research, the only way to boost your vertical jump is to strengthen the elastic fibers in your legs’ muscles tissues. They work similarly to rubber bands. For instance, tension builds up when you bend your legs, and then it releases when you extend them.

The stronger your elastic fibers are, the more tension your legs can build. This ultimately results in a higher vertical jump. However, just like any other muscle in the body, it will become weak if you don’t use them or don’t train them often enough.

Dr. Vert and the Russian High Jumpers

It was Dr. Verkhoshandsky who first thought about specifically targeting the legs’ elastic fibers as a training method. He came up with this idea in the late 1960s. He was a Russian sports scientist that gave Russian high jumpers an “unfair advantage” in the Olympics using his “Shock Method”.

“Unfair advantage” is put in quotation marks because they didn’t really do anything illegal. It was simply “the first of its kind” back then. The Shock Method helped the Russians win medals in the high jump in 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972, and so on.

When Adam came upon Dr. Vert’s method, it was mostly disorganized and a huge part of it was in Russian. There’s a translated version made by Dr. Vert’s daughter, but it wasn’t the complete one.

It took Adam 6 months to find the rest of the Dr. Vert’s notes and then another 5 years to research and refine the techniques. After all the hard work, Adam came up with Vert Shock — a modern version of Dr. Vert’s methods.

The 3-Step System

The Vert Shock Program is divided into 3 steps. These are:

  1. The Pre-Shock Phase: This is done during the first week of the program. This is when you get your body used to the training and exercises to prepare for the following weeks. Training: 4 days/week, 30 minutes/session
  2. The Shock Phase: As the name implies, this phase is when you “shock” your body into going beyond its usual limits. You’ll be in this phase for the next 6 weeks. You’ll focus on your legs’ explosive power, so by the end of the Shock Phase, you’ll be jumping higher than you ever imagined. Training: 3 days/week, 40 minutes/session
  3. The Post-Shock Phase: This phase is the cherry on top. This is where you consolidate everything that you’ve learned during the previous weeks. By this point, jumping considerably higher will be second nature to you! Training: 4 days/week, 30 minutes/session

Program Bonuses

Vert Shock is very generous with its bonuses. When you buy the program, you’ll get the following, on top of the 3-step system:

  1. The 4 Vertical Jump Killers: Know which factors are preventing you from reaching your vertical jump potential.
  2. The 5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher: You may be following the 3-step system faithfully, but you can’t go wrong with learning a few of Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington’s “dirty secrets”.
  3. Weekly Check-Ins: This aims to improve your consistency so you won’t have to rely on discipline and willpower alone.
  4. The Jumper’s Diet Checklist: Maximize your vertical jump potential by eating and avoiding certain food items.
  5. NBA Jump Secrets Revealed: Here, you’ll learn top jumping tips from those who’ve played in the big leagues.

It also has limited-time bonuses if you buy Vert Shock from the official website within the next few minutes. These include:

  • The “Power Leak Fix” for Overnight Hops
  • Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed
  • The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher
  • The VERT SHOCK Maintenance Program
  • The “Dunk Now” Visualization Workout
  • The VERT SHOCK Vert Tracker Workbook

Exclusive Bonus: Jump Like Justin System

An exclusive bonus awaits those who buy Vert Shock ASAP. In this bonus, Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington reveals more of his secrets to help you improve your dunk game.

Justin has built a solid reputation in basketball circles as one of the best dunkers in the whole world. Not only does he have a considerably high vertical, but his dunks are also creative. Check out his famous cartwheel dunk at the Nike Dunk Contest at Eastbay here!

This system is filled with information-packed training manuals and videos that detail how you can insert creativity into your hops.

Who is This Program For?

Vert Shock is primarily marketed to people who would like to reach the basketball ring and score their first dunk.

The standard height of a basketball hoop is 10 feet. Depending on how tall you are and how high your standing reach is, typically you’ll need at least 20” to 24” of vertical jump to dunk. Here’s what you can expect:

  • 5’7” to 5’9”: Difficult, but not impossible
  • 5’10” to 6’0”: Challenging
  • 6’1” to 6’3”: Normal
  • 6’4”+: Easy

This is just a rough guide, but certainly you can work with your limits and still overcome it. In fact, some customers who are in the 6’0” and below height range have managed to dunk after a few weeks of using Vert Shock.

Of course, the benefits of Vert Shock isn’t limited to just basketball. Anyone who wishes to increase their vertical will surely improve their jump stats by sticking to the program.

Why Basketball Enthusiasts and Other Athletes Love It

Most programs that attempt to improve vertical jumping ability involve weight training and other gym-related equipment. Vert Shock doesn’t require any of that so you can easily perform the exercises wherever you can.

The program is helpful no matter what your level is. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced athlete, you’re going to walk away from this with a higher jump by the end of the 8th week.

It also takes all the guesswork out for you. Users simply have to watch the HD videos and follow the plan accordingly. However, if you’re looking for an in-depth explanation about why the movements work, Vert Shock falls short on that.

Nonetheless, most Vert Shock reviews that have before-and-after videos prove that it works as long as you’re consistent.

Should You Get This Program?

There are many reasons why anyone would want to jump higher. However, this is especially a huge desire among those who want to learn how to dunk.

You may have worked with various programs before to increase your vertical and none of them seemed to work. In that case, Vert Shock many finally be the product that changes that.

Is It a Scam?

No, Vert Shock is not a scam. For only $67, you’ll get the 3-step system plus all of the bonuses mentioned above. Vert Shock offers a 60-day money-back guarantee should you end up unsatisfied with your results.

Final Thoughts on Vert Shock

Jumping higher isn’t only about finally getting to dunk your first basket. It’s also about having the ability to grab more rebounds for your team and block opponents’ shots.

The Vert Shock exercises also strengthen your core and make you more agile in any sport. Thus, it boosts your overall athleticism, making you a more valuable member of your team.

Things don’t necessarily have to end after 8 weeks. You can always repeat the program if you want to aim for something higher or you simply want to maintain your newfound leg strength.

Overall, if you want to learn how to dunk and have a significant edge over your opponents, Vert Shock can definitely help you with that.


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