The Biorhythm .com – MY REVIEW & OPINION… did it work??

The Biorhythm Reviewed

Is it possible to live the life you want, without having to go through a series of unfortunate events?

Imagine being able to sidestep failures, misadventures, and all negative experiences in life as you walk through your chosen path to success.

Who wouldn’t want that?

If you are able to effortlessly achieve great success in all aspects of your life – A life of comfort and immense wealth, a perfect love relationship, and inexhaustible strength and agility – you’re born under a lucky star!

In reality, though, this is not the case for many of us.

Some toil away to reach their dreams, but their efforts and hard work don’t seem to pay off.

Others carefully search for their one true love, only to end up with the wrong person.

Still, others do whatever it takes to lead a healthy life or be extra careful, only to be afflicted with a serious illness, or subdued by misfortune.

Believe it or not, there’s a reason behind all these.

And the surprising revelation is that they are not exactly your fault.

At least this is what the Biorhythm Theory proposes.

It says that your life is significantly influenced by rhythmic cycles and these are the reason why you experience both negative and positive phases in your life.

This theory also suggests that you can predict certain future outcomes of your life using mathematical calculations

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mathematical formula

Wait, are you still with me? I could just imagine the puzzled look on your face. Perhaps it is your first time hearing of this, right?

Don’t you worry, you’re not alone.

Admittedly, my heightened curiosity also led me to do some research about biorhythms, and this is what I found out:

  • Biorhythms is a type of pseudoscience which originated in the 19th century and became popular in the 1960s to 1980s
  • During the late 1800s, a physician and close friend of Sigmund Freud named Wilhelm Fliess came to the conclusion that a person’s life is made up of 23 and 28-day cycles.
  • In the early 1900s, a professor named Hermann Swoboda claimed to have independently come up with biorhythm cycles.
  • Alfred Teltscher, another professor, believed that student success was related to 33-day cycles.
  • More believers came on the scene, and in 1923 the first academic book was written by Nikolai Parna entitled Rhythm, Life, and Creation.
  • By the 60s, 70s, and 80s, biorhythms had gained more popularity. From books to biorhythm calculators, many people had prescribed to the idea.

So the concept of biorhythms is not really something new. However, many people are still not aware of how it works and how it can be of use in determining their future.

That’s why a certain program called The Biorhythm has been created to give its potential users a deeper understanding of their life path or destiny.

It is said to be one of the most accurate and tested programs to finally visually see where you are on this path and how to realign with it.

In other words, this “prediction tool” has for its purpose to help you foresee the way your life will turn out to be so you can manipulate the outcome in your favor.

Is this program for real?

So, without further ado, let’s start our review on The Biorhythm.

What exactly is The BioRythm Program?


The Biorhythm is a digital personal readings generator software that helps you identify the lows, highs, and the critical points in your life so you can see “as clear as day what the future holds for you”.

So it’s like reading your future, only that you don’t use astrology, numerology, tarot reading, horoscopes, or any other ways of predicting it.

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In the program, you’ll be using a tool that will enable you to track the three cycles that affect your life, namely, the physical, emotional and intellectual cycles, each having a different time span.

The physical cycle follows a 23-day period and concentrates on stamina, health, and strength.

The emotional cycle follows a 28-day period and is related to creativity, feelings, and intuition.

Lastly, the intellectual cycle lasts 33 days and is related to thinking, judgment, and concentration.

By checking out the ebbs and flows of these rhythmic cycles, you’ll be able to forecast what might happen to you so you’ll know how to deal with it ahead of time.

What’s Inside the Program?

The program is broken into the following areas that you can improve:

Physical, which checks on your strength, coordination, and well being. This lets you know the best days to take on endurance sports when to rest during critical days, or to avoid surgery.

Emotional, which keeps track of the individual’s sensitivity, mood, and more. It cautions you when you or your partner will be showing signs of irritability and other negative emotions, thus enable you to work well with others.

Intellectual, which supports logical and analytical thinking, alertness, memory, and communication. It can show you the best days to learn something new or to simply focus on study and reflection… or when to put off making important decisions.

Fortune telling

Apart from the three main cycles that affect your life, the program will also monitor the following aspects:

Passion, which drives you to act on important decisions and to carry on with a challenging pursuit. It can tell you the best days to start or work on a demanding project.

Mastery,  which tests your ability to succeed at tasks. It can tell you the best days to push yourself to learn new physical skills or to be cautious.

Wisdom, which keeps track of the combination of the emotional and intellectual cycles. You’ll be guided on the best days to make important choices, as well as to be more aware of everything going on around you.

Intuition, which refers to your intuition or sixth sense, so you’ll know better days to believe in your gut feelings and may even provide you with a bit of ‘induced’ luck. This also is positively influenced by your harmony and relaxation cycles.

Harmony, which tracks how you feel about yourself and the environment around you. You’ll be able to identify the right day to interact with other people, take a job interview, or reflect on your direction in life.

Relaxation, which monitors your inner balance and tranquil attitude. It can tell you the best days to cope with stressful situations and to quickly recover from hectic events.

Balance, which tells you the daily compatibility level between you and your mate and guides you on what days will just flow or maybe more challenging.

Romance, which determines the affection and romance between two individuals and helps you find the best days to go out on a date or to spend a romantic time together.

Teamwork, which shows you the best days to embark on group projects or to improve patience.

To make the most of your life path, you’ll need to find balance and direction in your life. Probably, some of these methods may be better than the others,  but you are encouraged to follow each lesson to maximize your full potential.

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Who Created The Biorhythm?

This program was created by a person named Mark Carroll who, based on the video presentation of review, is the one who predicted the exact date of Michael Jackson’s death. Being suspected to be responsible for it, he was arrested but was immediately released upon hearing what truly happen.

Because he believes that biorhythms can help people improve their lives, he spends years of research to develop and perfect this program. To date, it has catered to over 20,000 people whose lives have changed for the better.

How Does The Biorhythm Work?

What does the Biorhythm do

The Biorhythm works by simply inputting your name and date of birth into the appropriate field then clicking the calculate button.

After this, you’ll get a full chart of your biorhythm cycles that are indicated in different colors (red for physical, green for emotional, and blue for intellectual).

Unlike the biorhythms calculator that is freely accessible online, the software is special because the prediction is tailor-made for you.

This means it is less likely that you’ll have the same prediction as anyone who has the same birthday as you.

These charts will show your biorhythm for a given day, a week, two weeks, 28 days, or more.

You can enter a future date to foresee what could happen and take appropriate actions.

You can likewise backtrack by entering your date of birth as the start date of the reading so you can check all the previously defining events in your life.

You can access the personal reading generator tool on the official website,

How Do You Interpret Your Biorhythm Chart?

The program teaches you how to read your biorhythms using the three regions in the chart: the positive, negative, and critical points.

Positive periods of the cycle pertain to your high ability days.

Negative periods of the cycle refer to your low ability days.

When one or more of the cycles cross the zero line,  they become your critical days. These are the days when you might be in a state of uncertainty, or you need to exhibit extra caution.

The Biorhythm can also be useful in determining the biorhythm compatibility of two people.

Based on the program, two people are said to be compatible with each other physically when they simultaneously reach their high physical levels, and emotionally or intellectually, when they are more likely to have the same mood at the same time.

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Finding your life path

  • The Biorhythm is one of the most accurate online programs that can help you move into the direction of your life path successfully
  • Comes with a manual for ease of use.
  • It only needs a few details, such as your name and your birth date, to run a prediction.
  • It helps you in keeping track not only of the 3 main aspects (physical, intellectual and emotional) but also all other life aspects like balance, romance, wisdom, etc..
  • It can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • 5 more users are allowed to access your account.
  • Warns you of critical days that appear a few times a year, thus helping you deal with challenging situations.
  • Prompts you for more opportunities.
  • Reading is accurate and beneficial.
  • It comes with the 3-day trial, yearly, and lifetime access offers
  • Backed with 365 days money-back guarantee.
  • You can cancel this service at any time


  • This is an online program so you can access it only if you have an internet connection
  • Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll be paying monthly, annually or lifetime fees
  • Results may vary.

Is This Program a Scam?

It is easy to say that something like this is a scam, but I do believe it is not.

Money's worth

Plenty of Biorhythm reviews and a significant number of legit users can attest to its usefulness and authenticity.

I bet you’re worried about wasting your hard-earned cash for this service, but considering its attractive offers, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Also, your investment will not go to waste because you are protected by their one-year money-back guarantee. So if you’re unsatisfied with this program, you can cancel your subscription anytime and get a full refund, risk-free.

What Plans are Available?

Consumers are given the option of three different plans,  depending on their commitment to The BioRhythm.

  • The Trial Option, which lasts for three days and costs- $0.99. When the trial ends, the monthly charge will be $37.
  • Annual Payment, which allows consumers to pay for The BioRhythm for a full year, cost- $195 ($16.25 per month).
  • Lifetime access, which is now offered at a discount price of $195 from the original $345.
  • For all of these options, a single account can be shared by up to 5 users, with unrestricted trial access, unlimited reports, hassle-free cancellation, and a 365-money-back guarantee.


Final Thoughts

Biorhythms do not predetermine your life events but only shows you the possibilities so you can brace yourself whatever comes your way and avoid impending danger or misfortunes.

And while the program is quite interesting, there’s little information from the website about the commitments users will have to make.

Nonetheless, you have an option to try it for three days to truly know whether this program is effective or not.

So are you in for a ride?

Here’s your link to enter THE BIORHYTHM program (best link I could find)…





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