Text Chemistry: My REVIEW… actually effective??

Do you think of texts as anything other than a way to exchange pleasantries with friends and romantic interests? Have you ever heard of anyone who used text messages to win a guy over? Is it even possible?

I mean, using text messages can go wrong very fast because there are many things you are never really sure about. For example: How long should you wait to reply to his texts? Should you use emojis? Is it okay for you to open your heart over text?

Text Chemistry review

Getting those wrong can mess up the vibe of a text conversation with a guy you have the hots for. But, what if you didn’t have to worry about that?

Amy North thinks texting is the secret weapon you can use to grab a man’s attention and make him think of you as the center of his universe.

In her program Text Chemistry, she teaches you how you can use text messaging to make a man go nuts over you.

Who’s Amy North exactly?

Amy North is a dating and relationship coach based in Vancouver, Canada. She mainly works with women who are finding love and want high-quality men to commit to them. She has a degree in Social Psychology from the University of Western Ontario and over 5 years of experience offering relationship advice.

She runs a popular YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers (over 500,000 subscribers and over 30 million views at the time of writing this).

Her channel has ranked among the top 10 dating channels for 3 years in a row.


Amy North


Besides running her personal blog, she is a regular contributor to LoveLearnings, a platform that plays host to award-winning digital programs that help people overcome common relationship issues.

Amy is also a certified ClickBank Platinum best-selling author of self-help programs. Other than Text Chemistry, she is known for a program known as “The Devotion System.”

What’s inside the members area?

When you buy the program, it has an eBook and a series of videos. All the content is in downloadable digital format (for desktop, Kindle, and smart devices). There is a 60-day money back guarantee if the program doesn’t work out for you. The program is divided into the following sections:


A brief overview of how texting has become a common mode of communication in the dating scene.

Part 1: The Rules of Texting
Amy covers the rules that govern texting and how breaking them can ruin your chances with that special someone.

Part 2: What to Text Men To Attract And Win Them Over
Here, she covers the different kinds of texts you can use to spark attraction. She provides examples.

Part 3: What to text him when…
She delves into situational texting in this section. It entails how you can use messages to handle different situations you find yourself in during the course of your courtship or relationship with a guy.

Although we can’t go deeper into the details of what Text Chemistry covers, here’s a sneak peek what you can expect if you buy the program:

Amy teaches you the value of attention in love. According to her, attention is the key to making a guy fall in love with you.

She then teaches you how to use text messages to trigger his mind and grab his attention. She calls these psychological triggers or attention hooks.

She gives you examples of ttention hooks’ tailored to serve different purposes. Examples include:

  • The “E-Glow Text” you can use to make a guy fall in love with you
  • The “satellite text” meant to help win your ex back
  • The “Game on” and “supernova” texts to re-ignite a stale relationship
  • The “tantalizing seduction” text to seduce him

There are many other templates planted all over the eBook and videos.

Speaking of videos, you will also receive 13 videos when you buy the program. They delve deeper into the topics covered in the eBook that need to be fleshed out more to give you a better understanding.

Ebook and a series of videos


Bonus eBooks and special interview you receive free of charge when you buy TC:

  • Phone Game: It covers how you can use phone calls to hook him in and find you irresistible.
  • Why Men Leave: Learn the real reason why guys drift away even when you feel the relationship is moving in the right direction. Unpack the psychological tips you can use to make him reconsider his decision to leave you.
  • Quality Men on Tinder: Use this guide to separate the wheat from the chaff on the Tinder by learning to edit your profile to attract the right guys.
  • There is a bonus interview titled “Confessions of a Player.” Use it to dissect how players think to handle them in a smooth, nonchalant way (whether you are interested in them or not). Two can play that game.

What’s Different about Text Chemistry?

There are many courses and eBooks about dating and relationships but very few that cover texting for women in a detailed manner. You have to comb through mountains of filler information to get to something new that works.

This is precisely why Amy North’s program is unique. She has brought everything under one roof so that you only have to refer to one resource for all your texting needs.

eBooks about dating and relationships


So, here’s why I believe this program is one of a kind:

If you have followed Amy’s YouTube channel and read her blog and articles, you’ll notice that hers is a proactive approach. When it comes to texting, she likes providing concrete examples and templates that you only need to customize to serve your purpose.

Amy North has a background in Social Psychology and it shows in how she has designed the program. Throughout the program, you’ll notice her being analytical when she tries to explain various psychological dynamics and their impact on how men and women text:

** She then demonstrates how you can use those insights to understand what a guy’s texts are meant to say and word your responses appropriately to elicit a desirable outcome.

** She also breaks down men’s primal instincts and teaches you how you can tailor your texts to speak to those deep desires.

** She doesn’t let you off the hook if you put zero effort in your texting. She emphasizes how important it is for you to be proactive with your texting so that a guy notices that you are different in a good way. Amy is challenging you to work hard and improve your texting skills.

** She breaks down the DON’Ts of texting: You may have noticed by now that there are some unwritten rules of texting. We’ve all fallen prey to bad texting habits that push away or downright appall the men we want in our lives. In the program, there is a dedicated section for the bad texting habits that are driving men away from your life.

What are People’s Opinions on Amy North’s Programs?

Amy North has impressive credentials but you must be curious as to what people think of her program. The best way to gauge what people think of Amy North is to look at how well received the program is. To find honest customer feedback, my research led me to Goodreads.com. She has an overall rating of 3.87 (out of 5) from 47 customer reviews.

Amy North's programs

Most of the reviewers who’ve given her a rating above 4 stars and left a comment have glowing opinions about the program.

I also looked up Amy’s YouTube channel and realized that a lot of the content there is geared towards how women can use texting to enhance their dating experiences (it echoes what the Text Chemistry program is pushing).

She has clearly resonated with and helped many people because the channel has grown quickly. Her videos on texting always have many commenters saying how much they found the advice helpful and how much the message hit home.

So we can conclude that she knows what she’s doing here.

What’s NOT to like

Amy’s approach presumes that the guy has his act together and that he knows how to communicate via text. Unfortunately, some men are also bad at it (I am not placing all the blame on the guy and saying you shouldn’t improve yourself). That being said, when you get better at texting, you will bring out a better version of your partner and it will be a better experience for both of you.

There is no audiobook version of the eBook and that’s a problem to those who like listening to their favorite books on the commute or as they do their daily tasks. I know it sounds nit-picky, but there are people who genuinely only consume books by listening to them as audiobooks (and they have their own reasons).


It’s shocking how few people exploit texting to become better communicators yet it is right under their noses.

Just make an effort to use this information right and not sabotage your relationship in the process. Like any effective tool, it can be used badly or for selfish purposes.

With that in mind, as long as you always respect your loved one, I think Amy’s program is worth trying 🙂

— Any questions? Glad to help! Comment below this Text Chemistry review…




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