Ted’s Woodworking Review – A lot of fun! Why not trying it?

Woodworking can be one of the most fulfilling hobbies that you can get into. If you’re generally into “building things”, woodworking is a great place to start honing your skills for something that’s functional.

Understandably, it can be pretty intimidating at the start, especially if you’re not really sure how to go about things. You may have an idea on how a particular furniture can be created, but it’s mostly a trial-and-error thing if the guides you’re using aren’t that reliable.

Detailed plans are a must-have for any aspiring woodworker. Without it, they may not only end up frustrated, but it may also compromise their safety.

What Makes Woodworking Fun?

Man working on woodcraft

Many people first get into woodworking as a hobby. As their skills get better, their projects consequently become more difficult and complex. Some even become so good at it, to the point that their works become worth selling.

But what makes avid woodworkers drawn to it? Why would anyone “waste” time, effort, and brainpower on things that you can easily buy at the store?

For them, it’s not always about the final product. It’s more about the process. They simply enjoy building things with their own hands. It also gives them more freedom to customize their work according to their liking.

Woodworking is totally fun and rewarding when you already know what your goals are. But what if you don’t? What if you want to do the work but aren’t sure which types of projects are apt for your skills?

This is what Ted’s Woodworking aims to solve for you. In this review, we’ll talk about what the program comes with, and whether it’s helpful for you.

Who is Ted McGrath?

Ted McGrath's photo on Goodreads

Ted “Woody” McGrath is the creator of Ted’s Woodworking. According to “about me” page on tedswoodworking.com, he has loved woodworking ever since he was young.  He attended practical woodworking classes almost weekly. Eventually, his love for woodworking rose to another level.

In high school, he wore a wooden backpack that he built himself. It wasn’t long after that he also started creating his own home furniture. Over the years, he amassed thousands of woodworking plans, all of which are of varying degrees of complexity. Now, he’s sharing it with the general public as the Ted’s Woodworking blueprints.

Everything in the program comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for woodworkers of all levels. No matter what your skill level is, Ted guarantees that there’s a project in there for you.

Woodworking Plans and Other Contents

Ted's Woodworking product contents

Ted’s Woodworking claims that their resources consist of clear step-by-step guides of each project. Its whole collection practically has every furniture you can possibly think of. From small crafts, workshop projects, outdoor projects, and large furniture, Ted’s Woodworking has it all.

Upon purchasing, you’ll be getting the following perks:

  • Access to 16,000 woodworking projects
  • Free monthly plans for life
  • In-depth videos of woodworking tutorials

Here are its notable features:

Detailed Instructions

The projects come with full details, with no missing steps like other plans. You won’t be scratching your head trying to figure out what the next step should be. As the website says, it’s as if you’re being guided by a master woodworker.

Complete Lists

All projects come with a cutting ang materials list. You’ll know exactly which materials you should get, and how much you should buy for your project. This prevents you from wasting money on the wrong wood and materials. In the end, you’ll be able to cut down your costs and spend more time working instead.


Each plan comes with a detailed and colorful schematic. This makes the work processes a lot easier for you. You simply need to make time for it and the pieces will fall into place.

Multi-Angular Views

You’ll also get a clear idea of how your project should look before you build it. This way, you can be sure that your final output will exactly like the ones in the plans, if not close enough.

And you’ll also get 4 notable bonuses:

  • CAD & DWG plan viewer to help you customize your plans
  • Premium woodworking videos that discuss relevant and informative topics
  • A book on how to start your own woodworking business
  • 200+ pages worth of tried-and-tested woodworking guides

Users who want a sampler can go to the website and download “Ted’s” 50 free plans. It also comes with a book entitled “The Art of Woodworking”, a book that has 400+ pages. You simply have to input your e-mail to get your freebies.

Who Is This For?

Man working on a woodworking project outdoors

Ted’s Woodworking is marketed towards woodworkers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re an expert with years of experience, there’s something in there for you. With tons of resources to refer to, the program promises that you won’t get lost from the first step to the last.

It’s also for those who need help with their projects’ budgets. Understandably, many of us may feel discouraged to pursue certain woodworking projects because of its costs. However, the program provides strategies for costing so you don’t really have to worry about it.

Buyers’ Opinions

Sample plan from Ted's Woodworking

Given its massive collection of woodworking plans, this is usually one of the main reasons why people are inclined to buy it. Its plans are accessible via downloadable zip files.

The plans are saved as PDFs, which is great because it makes it easy to print them out. However, it’s not really indexed and organized well enough. In fact, once you open the PDF, you’ll find that the projects aren’t really arranged in any meaningful way.

Additionally, there isn’t any consistency with how the plans look. Some are in black and white, while some are colored. With no uniformity and discernible organization, it can be difficult to sift through the projects and bookmark something that you’re interested in.

Is This a Scam?

Ted's workshop

Ted’s Woodworking boasts of 16,000 plans that you can work with. That’s likely just a big exaggeration, as many reviews say that it’s just 2,000+ at most. In that regard, it’s not really being honest with its customers.

As you may notice, this review is also referring to “Ted” with quotation marks. That’s because a reverse image search will reveal that his photo is just a stock photo. Thus, while there may be real people behind Ted’s Woodworking, the man that they claim as “Ted” may just be a persona to easily sell the plans.

This isn’t exactly a bad thing. After all, companies tend to use certain characters to be the face of their product. However, with the way the product tries to make people believe that he’s real, it does feel deceptive.

Following from the fact that the plans are inconsistent and disorganized, it appears that many of them have been derived from other sources. Again, this isn’t exactly a bad thing if “Ted” admits this upfront. However, what’s bad is that he claims that these plans are his original works.

Understandably, people can feel very cheated by this. But you can also think about it this way. “Ted” amassed thousands of reliable woodworking plans that anyone can start working on immediately. Instead of having to scour various sources yourself, you can have Ted’s Woodworking instead.

On the bright side, it does have a good customer support system. They usually get back to customers within 48 hours. As a lifetime member, you also get access to free e-mail coaching if you need help for anything.

$67 may not be a bad price to pay given its features. However, if you aren’t satisfied with any part of the product, it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, in terms of transparency, this product may be considered a scam. But if we’re talking about function, the plans do work, and they’re good enough. At the end of the day, it still gives woodworkers access to a wide collection of blueprints.

Should You Get This Product?

Sample finished projects from Ted's Woodworking website

The core product and the bonuses may indeed look too good to be true. But certainly, there are a lot of things that you can do with it. From wooden boxes, to chairs, tables, bed frames, benches, and a lot more, you won’t run out of things to do.

Of course, there’s no denying that the team behind it aren’t the most honest people that you’ll come across. But if you’re simply looking for a product that can give you interesting projects, this may already do the job.

Final Thoughts on Ted’s Woodworking

The product is overselling itself by saying that it has 16,000 projects when it probably only has 2,000 or so. It also uses a stock photo to claim that it’s “Ted”. While there may be a real person behind Ted McGrath, it definitely isn’t the guy that’s on TedsWoodworking products.

Thus, it isn’t completely honest about what it’s offering. While the plans themselves may be useful to you in some way, they were just cherry picked from other publications. In short, none of them truly belong to “Ted”.

Understandably, finding free plans that have adequate diagrams and instructions can be time-consuming if you’re not sure where to look. If you have $67 to spend and you just want a collection of blueprints to start with, Ted’s Woodworking may work for you.


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