STEEL BITE PRO, Personal Review… A bit hyped, but it works

Steel Bite Pro Review 2020

Is brushing teeth enough to help us fight all teeth and gum diseases? How often do we need to brush our teeth anyway?

As they say, oral health is the mirror to overall health. A good oral care regimen does not only keep our teeth and gums clean and healthy but also prevent a number of serious diseases and infections within our body.

In reality, though, oral hygiene is often neglected by many of us. As we live in a fast-paced society, sometimes we fail to religiously take good care of our teeth as well as our gums.

Junk foods and sweet treats here and there, ice-cold soft drinks, coffee and tea, you name it. These are just some of the food items that we consume throughout a long hectic day.

Then, we tend to dismiss cleaning our teeth right after eating sweets or anything. If this happens more often than usual,  it results in a plaque build-up that leads to cavities, tooth enamel damage, and gum diseases.

Worse, you can be a butt of jokes for having foul-smelling breath.

While brushing and flossing teeth and using any other cleaning methods are important, they are not enough to combat the bad bacteria lurking inside your mouth.

There are certain areas in our mouth that tooth brushing and dental flossing cannot reach – and these are where the bacteria thrive. Before you know it, these microorganisms start targeting your gums, causing you to feel a throbbing pain inside your mouth. This indicates a bacterial infection that requires immediate medical attention.

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However, dental checkups and treatments, particularly in the U.S., can cause a fortune. Based on the 2017 Adults Oral Health & Well Being Survey, 42 percent of Americans don’t see a dentist as often as they want, and this is usually because they couldn’t afford the exorbitant price of dental treatment.

For that reason, an alternative remedy becomes necessary. If there is a natural way to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases, reverse the damage caused by plaque, and restore your good oral health without spending too much, I know you wouldn’t mind giving it a try, would you?

In that case, Steel Bite Pro can be a smart option.

As the sales page claims, this product is a 100% natural solution for rebuilding gums and teeth, better and safer than dental implants, and less than the price of an electric toothbrush.

I put together this honest review about the product to help you make an informed decision. Scam products are everywhere, so it is better to be safe than sorry, no?

So let’s begin.

What Exactly is Steel Bite Pro?

Steel Bite Pro is an all-natural oral health supplement that treats tooth decay and swollen gums caused by a bacterial infection, protects them from further damage, and improves overall oral hygiene.

Undergoing dental procedures can be nerve-racking. Just the thought of having those sharp-pointed dental instruments digging into your gums is already tormenting.

What is even scarier is the fact that you might end up with nerve damage or facial paralysis if the surgery is not done properly.

Steel Bite Pro has you covered without going through the stressful dental procedures by practically treating common and serious oral health issues such as:

  • Cavities;
  • Bad breath;
  • Toothaches;
  • Yellowish or stained teeth;
  • Loosened teeth;
  • Bleeding and receding gums;
  • Swollen gums;
  • Root infections;
  • Gingivitis; and
  • Periodontitis

Unlike chemical-based medications, this one contains all-natural ingredients, so it is presumed safe to be used by anyone, regardless of age or medical condition.

What Does Steel Bite Pro Consist of?

herbal capsules

Steel Bite Pro comes in an easy-to-swallow capsule that is packed with 23 potent natural ingredients that are essential to fight off harmful bacteria, which causes oral infection and thus keep your dental health at its best. The essential ingredients include:

Berberine: a herb that contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful in curing dental diseases such as gingivitis.

Milk thistle: it plays a significant role in detoxifying your mouth and body from toxic metals such as mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and lead that are usually present in amalgam fillings. It is also used to naturally treat the liver problems caused by these heavy metals.

Turmeric: it is a kind of spice that is proven to help remove plaque, bacteria, and inflammation, and are sometimes even more effective than expensive traditional mouthwashes.

Artichoke, Chance Piedra, and red raspberry: these are filled with vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, phosphorus, and magnesium, which provides strength and resistance to fight against major or minor diseases.

Yarrow: it is responsible for regenerating cells to enhance the recovery process.

Beetroot: This also has a healing ingredient that delays the decaying process and the growth of acid-producing bacteria found in plaque.

Dandelion: it is used to treat several diseases for a longer period and holds calcium and magnesium that are essential for the teeth.

Alfalfa: it is a vital ingredient that aids and reduces tooth sensitivity.

Zinc: This mineral is naturally found in saliva and has been proven to fight against the growth of bacteria and plaque around the teeth and gum tissues, thus preventing cavities and gum diseases.

Jujube seeds: it is particularly rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immunity by keeping diseases at bay.

Chicory root, celery seed, burdock root, and yellow dock: all of these ingredients are effective in reducing inflammation, purifying and detoxifying the gut, balancing the mouth bacteria, and improving mineral absorption for steel-strong teeth.

Ginger: it has many healing properties such as decreasing inflammation and reducing nausea.

Grape seed extract: This ingredient actively extends the life of the teeth by strengthening dentin — the tissue beneath a tooth’s enamel — and increasing the life of resin fillings, according to a study.

Feverfew: This ingredient in Steel Bite Pro actively works as a natural pain reliever.

L-cysteine and methionine: These powerful amino acids play an essential role in the body’s detoxification process.

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How Does Steel Bite Pro Treat Oral Health Problems?

Dental procedure

Our common belief is that tooth decay and gum diseases develop due to poor oral hygiene habits, but this isn’t the real reason at all. In fact, even if you are diligently taking good care of your teeth and gums, you might end up suffering from oral diseases that require immediate dental intervention.

The real root cause of the disease is the presence of dangerous bacteria buried deep within your gums, which can spread like a wildfire to the surrounding areas of your face if left untreated for a long time. These bacteria hide in hard to reach corners of your mouth, so even if you do all the deep cleaning methods, you cannot totally eradicate these harmful microbes.

Your saliva, however, has a very important role to make. It is the only substance that can reach the hiding places of those bacteria. Steel Bite Pro purportedly replenishes your saliva with a powerful antiseptic that sanitizes your mouth, gums, and teeth, thereby eliminating all the harmful bacteria that cause pain and infection.

THIS IS WHERE you can grab Steel Bite Pro – most affordable option I could find… 🙂

By taking two capsules of Steel Bite Pro per day with a glass of water, you can, as the sales page claims, “rebuild your teeth and gums and get rid of tooth decay”.

Who Created the Product?

Thomas Spear
Thomas Spear

Thomas Spear seems to be the man behind the creation of Steel Bite Pro. He recounted that he suffered from a serious gum-related disease where his tooth broke off and almost choke on it while sleeping.

Due to this horrible incident, Thomas decided to research about his condition. Being a retired chemistry teacher, he developed an oral supplement that would eventually help him and thousands of people treat their oral problems naturally, without the need for any invasive dental procedure.

Could it be a Scam?

There are certain studies that support the efficacy of the ingredients found in Steel Bite Pro. However, other research studies conclude insubstantial result of these ingredients for dental health.

Be that as it may, the product cannot be a scam. It was developed in an FDA approved facility, so you can rest assured that it was made legally.

The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t run the risk of losing the money you invested if you are not satisfied with the results.

While the official website says that this supplement is safe to be used by anyone, it is best to consult your dentist if you have any allergic reaction to some of the components used in the product.

What are the Benefits of Steel Bite Pro?

Dental implants

The following are the key advantages of the supplement:

  • Capsules are non-GMO and have an all-natural formula for safe and risk-free oral care.
  • It aims to relieve pain and discomfort at the earliest.
  • It works wonders on several dental problems.
  • Easy to use- You just need to take the supplement twice a day.
  • It is reasonably priced- The results it delivers are a good value for money.
  • It is backed with a full refund policy, thus nullifying any doubts of scam.

Are There Legit Reviews About this Supplement?

The official website of Steel Bite Pro says that the product has changed the lives of more than 57,000 Americans. This is a big claim to make.

consumer review 1

consumer review 2

But whether it is true or not, coming from the previous users who gave affirmative reviews, the product looks promising though. Since this product is non-invasive and does not contain addictive substances, you can very well say that it’s safe to use.

How Much Does it Cost and Where to Buy?

The supplement is quite costly, with $69 for one bottle only. However, you can buy it in bundles so you can avail of the exclusive discounts.

Steel Bit Pro price list

So if you want to get the best value for your money, you may consider getting the bundle offers and keep stock for yourself for future use. You will even save money from delivery charges.

This supplement is purchased online on the manufacturer’s official website to ensure that you get the authentic product and not the counterfeit one.

Final Verdict

Despite the incredible claims that Steel Bite Pro supplement can “rebuild your teeth and gums and get rid of tooth decay” in no time, this should not be taken as a substitute to your regular oral hygiene practices.

While it may help to try a different approach to care for your oral and dental health, it is still best to do what dental experts would advise you to do – brush and floss regularly, rinse with mouthwash, use fluoride toothpaste, avoid sweets, replace your toothbrush every three months, and visit an expert once in a while for oral prophylaxis, all of which are proven preventive measures against tooth decay.

Then you can add Steel Bite Pro to your regimen. Like what I said a while ago, it is not optimal to rely on this supplement alone, but it doesn’t harm to try it either, along with your regular oral care practices.

If you have some money to spare for an oral supplement like this one, just go for it. In the end, it is your decision that will count the most.

THIS IS WHERE you can grab Steel Bite Pro – most affordable option I could find… 🙂

Hopefully, this review has helped you decide on this product. Should you decide on buying the supplement, we will appreciate you sharing your experience to help us spread an unbiased review for the benefit of our readers.




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3 thoughts to “STEEL BITE PRO, Personal Review… A bit hyped, but it works”

  1. Let us know if there’s something else we could include in this Thomas Spear’s Steel Bite Pro review to make it more helpful to people trying to decide

  2. I am on week three with Steel Bite Pro. I had two areas that I am sure were cavities. One visible, was brown around the gum line and was experiencing pain due that was intermittent and sensitive to temperatures and sweets. Could have been overgrown
    plaque too resulting in sensitivity. Either way as problem that I could control to an extent using oregano oil when brushing my teeth. Control was the optimal word. After a few months I knew it would not be a long term solution or cure. The plague would get worse, or if it was a cavity it would eventually cause me to loose my tooth. Other oral issues were coming and going but the trend was not my friend. I got steel bite pro and started three weeks ago. Major improvement in comfort was seen starting after two days.
    Upper level gum issues in the area where I have the most persistent inflammation from a persistent sinus infection, going on nearly two years, flared up in the first week but has subsequently abated. Feels like it is healing. Was probably my body exorcising a problem area. A lower gum pocket, and area that my dental hygienist would not touch, despite my requests to do so, is also improving. It actually did not have acute ] pain but it is like the tooth formed a sharp irregularity that I could actually hook the tip of my water pick into. In addition, as recently as last week, me teeth were dull. Still using my dental regimen of coconut oil with oregano oil, in the last couple of days my teeth are noticeably whiter. Not quite as with a session or two with activated charcoal, but much better. In terms of plague, I may be seeing a visible reduction. Should have taken a clinical picture starting day one. That would have given me a more concrete baseline. I think, operative word is think, be seeing that taking place. Just looked into the mirror. It is still there along the lower incisors but it seemed that I had to look harder to verify it was there. If it is all gone in the near future, then call it validation. The science on the ability of your body to heal is there. It was well documented by a visionary dentist, Weston A Price, nearly a century ago. You need to read his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He traveled the world from the late 1920’s to early 1930’s to document the health of non industrialized, traditional living people, isolated people from the modern world, and the hunter gatherers and found a uniform pattern: People with almost no cavities by the time they reach a young adult stage. Strong well formed facial palates and overall strong muscular skeletal development, and when cavities rarely formed, the body had the ability to heal like it would any other infection. There is a organization that bears his name that still carries forth his work. It is the WestonAPrice organization ( Steel bite pro is a shortcut, but it seems to activate the bodies healing mechanism, saliva to do the job it was evolved to do so. I like what I see so far.

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