SpecForce Alpha (REVIEW) Yes… it will boost your confidence

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There’s no denying that having a good physique makes a man more confident. To be honest, I admire those people who are really dedicated to going to gyms for their workout. I mean, a minute of exercise already feels like an hour to me. Phew!

Anyway, I salute those people who are really working hard to achieve a fit and muscular body. Building up muscles isn’t magically going to appear overnight. It requires hard work and a lot of discipline, right?

So if you’re a “fitness freak”, then good for you and keep it up! But if you’re aren’t, then I believe this is the time for you to get up and start working out. And what better way to do that is by using the program, SpecForce Alpha.

I know you’ve been reading a lot of reviews about the program, right? Yes or yes? And I know that you’re a little hesitant because you still can’t find the correct information that you need.

Well, that’s what I’m here for!

Allow me to tell you in this review, the things that you need to know about the program. Moreover, I hope that this SpecForce Alpha review will help you decide whether it is the solution you are looking for.

So without further ado, this is an in-depth and unbiased review of SpecForce Alpha by Todd Lamb.

What Is SpecForce Alpha?

specforce alpha reviews

SpecForce Alpha is a fitness program that allows you to build your rock-hard body. It also claims to give you that Alpha Shape Effect that you’ve probably been wanting to achieve. SpecForce Alpha is a complete tactical fitness system that uses a combination of two strategies.

These two body composition strategies are namely, Target Focused Training and Concurrent Lipolysis.  These two are what make up the Alpha Shape Effect.

Now, you might be thinking, “What’s special about that?”

According to human behaviour specialists, Alpha Shape Effect is the body of your dreams.

Technically, having a rock-hard body is said to make you look even more attractive, especially to females. Moreover, it also makes other men recognize you as Alpha.

Not only that, but SpecForce Alpha also claims to give you results in as little as 20 minutes. Even without having to give up eating your usual meals.

Well personally, I think that’s kind of impossible. But oh well, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt. Let’s continue, shall we?

How Does It Work?

Nice workouts

What makes SpecForce Alpha different from other bodybuilding programs is that it uses myofibrillar hypertrophy. It is a technique that increases the size and strengthens the muscle fibers, instead of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which other fitness programs commonly use.

Well, technically, both are helpful. But, with hypertrophy, the only aim is to build up the muscles and make it bigger.

Through the Alpha Shape Effect, you are not only making your muscles more prominent, but you’re also making them stronger. Todd Lamb specifically created this program with three missions in mind.

The SpecForce Alpha Three Mission System

Alpha Mission

The first mission is all about building up your stamina. The longer your capacity is, the leaner and muscular your body gets. Furthermore, it also improves your body’s recovery time so you can easily step up onto the next phase.

Bravo Mission

Now, this is where your body starts getting more defined and sculpted. You’ll get to notice how your muscles begin to show up together with your six-pack abs.

And you’ll also be seeing a subtle change onto how other people see you especially, women.

Charlie Mission

For the Charlie Mission, this is where you’ll apply the routines you’ve learned. The third mission brings out the best version of your body.

And once you have achieved that, it’ll be easier to maintain because it is already a part of your system. By this time, you have already completed the training and already know the secrets behind.

What’s Included In The Program?

SpecForce Alpha actually has three levels:

  1. Basic Operator
  2. Specialist
  3. SpecForce Operator

Each of these levels has three missions that last for four weeks, respectively. For the first level, you may notice that the routines are fast and easy to do. But as you progress, the levels are getting harder.

Meaning, the workout program is designed in a way that you’ll burn fats and increase strength as you go on.

Basically, you’ll really have to spend time on the program for it to work for you.

  • Upon purchasing SpecForce Alpha, you’ll get access to a 7-day training cycle. This training is designed to help you build a hard-rock figure just like the special forces.
  • You’ll also get to know about the Target Focused Muscle Technique. This approach allows you to grow your muscle quickly.
  • It also comes with a detailed set and rep strategy. This increases the body’s growth hormone production.
  • You get to have your own personal Macronutrient Profile. This particular profile shows you precisely what and when you should eat.
  • Another thing to note about this program is that it won’t restrict you from eating whatever you want. The program won’t force you to eat less but instead, encourage you to eat your usual meal.
  • Aside from building up your muscles, the program also teaches you how an Alpha male should think and act. 
  • It also includes detailed video tutorials. These videos will teach you how to correctly do the fat-burning exercises. And of course, the muscle-building exercises inside the SpecForce Alpha.
  • The program will also show you how to build functional strength, just like in the Special Forces.
  • It will also teach you pre-workout routines to boost male sex hormones.

– Bonuses:

The Black Ops Macroflex Nutrition App

This is an easy-to-use app that you can easily access on your smartphone or tablet. The app tells you how much food you should eat for the day.

It is kind of like a logbook where you keep a record of what you eat. The Macroflex App won’t force you to eat less, you can still eat normally as long as it fits your macros.

Access To the Alpha Male Club

This is where you can have your questions answered personally by Todd Lamb. However, free access is only good for 30 days.

The 7-Day Testosterone Solution

This includes guides that will allow you to boost your hormones.

How Much Does The System Costs?

bonuses and price

You can buy SpecForce Alpha on their official website to ensure its legitimacy. The complete program originally retails for a one-time fee of $297. But, as part of their promotional offer, you can buy the program with the bonuses for a single payment of $47.

Note that, the promo is available for a limited time only.

But if any case you felt like the program doesn’t work well, you can simply contact their customer support. Upon reaching out to them, you can immediately get a 100% refund with no questions asked.

Who Can Use The Program?

While SpecForce Alpha is specially designed for men, everyone can still join the program. This is because the system is not only about building muscle, it also helps in making the body stronger.

So, anyone who wanted to get fit can actually join SpecForce Alpha regardless of age.


pros and cons


  • SpecForce Alpha system includes a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to perform routines accurately.
  • It doesn’t require you to have expensive equipment.
  • You won’t need to completely change your lifestyle.
  • The workout routines are all easy to follow.
  • The SpecForce Alpha is a program that will help you to be more confident.
  • It encourages people to stay fit and healthy.
  • The program is specially designed for men, but, it also does work for everyone regardless of gender.
  • The system doesn’t have monthly subscription fees.
  • Proven reviews from real-life users.
  • It offers 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • SpecForce Alpha is only available for purchase online. You can check out their official website, specforcefactor.com to know more.
  • It is not available for offline use.
  • Results may vary.
  • You’ll need to dedicate time, effort and maintain the discipline to achieve desired results.
  • Consistency is key.
  • You need to consult your doctor before trying out the program.

Is It A Scam?


While it promises to give you desired results in 20 minutes, I think that SpecFore Alpha is not a scam. Yes, it may be sensationalist in a way, but these kinds of programs are created as an instrument only. Following the workouts inside the program would require consistency and patience.

Achieving a rock-hard body is not entirely impossible, but it requires determination. Moreover, SpecForce Alpha was created by Todd Lamb. And he has a background in Special Forces and is well-experienced in training done in the military.

Final Thoughts – Does SpecForce Alpha Really Works?

final thoughts about specforce alpha

First and foremost, I hope that you found this SpecForce Alpha review helpful in any way.

Now, as for my comments, I think SpecForce Alpha is a unique program that is aimed at empowering men. I believe that their purpose is not just to make men feel superior but rather make them even more confident in themselves.

Yes, not everyone is blessed to have perfect bodies. But anyone can do something about it, right? SpecForce Alpha would really work as long as you are consistent. As I always say, results may vary. I personally think that the 20-minute result is somewhat unbelievable, but who knows?

With the right mindset and determination, you might just transform and build up your muscle.

Furthermore, Todd Lamb made sure that each and every exercise is aimed at strengthening the muscles. Thus, making the body bigger and literally, rock-hard.

Overall, SpecForce Alpha is a legit workout system that anyone can use, and it is definitely worth the money. 



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