One and Done Workout REVIEW: Is 7 Min Enough?

Staying fit demands discipline and dedication. This is why most people are having a hard time shaping a healthier body. Sometimes it’s just their body that doesn’t respond to the work they do.

The One and Done workout was made just for this reason. It’s for the people who can’t find time for exercise and for those who haven’t seen success in the past workout programs they’ve tried.

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One and Done workout

What is the “One & Done Workout”?

The One & Done workout is a 7 minute workout program designed by Meredith Shirk. It only consists of 12 different exercises allowing only 10 seconds of rest in between. Its goal is to increase metabolic rate and maximize calorie burn during the workout.

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The workout requires only a solid ground and a chair, or anything that you can hold on to. This is the reason why it’s a perfect home workout. It’s for people who don’t have time to go to the gym or for those who don’t have the confidence to appear in the gym.

Meredith Shirk: Who is she?

Meredith Shirk is the founder of Svelte Training. She’s worked for several fitness brands and is on the process of developing healthy food products. Not only that, she has released other workout related programs besides One and Done.

Meredith is an experienced fitness trainer who has trained a lot of people and helped them gain better physiques. Her goal has always been to transform her client’s bodies as well as minds, and lives.

In her website, she’s offering free workouts you can try. They’re actually posted there for free and they come in detailed, step-by-step videos. That’s why we made this review, these guys are honest and legit.

If you are skeptical about Meredith’s One and Done workout, perhaps visiting her website or youtube channel for a more up-close interaction could help out. It’s always a good thing to check out the work out programs’ producers before purchasing one. They also show studies that back them up.

Meredith Shirk review

What Does This Workout Entail?

One And Done is an everyday workout meant to only take 7 minutes from your day. Although you can do extra sets, it basically requires just 7 minutes.

Intensity equals duration. It is said that a minute of intense workout is equal to a 45 minute long workout in the gym. From this, a 7 minute workout is just as effective – maybe even more.

The workout leaves you with 10 seconds every exercise for you to rest. That’s all; the rest you can have during the workout. It aims to cause stress to your muscles and force them to adapt to the sudden work in just 7 minutes. The goal of this workout is to unlock your body’s metabolic boosters through intensity achieved in a short time.

It utilizes body weight workout. This means you won’t need any gym equipment – dumbbells, benches, and the like.

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The program also includes an S.I.T technique tutorial or the Sprint-Interval Training. It teaches you how you can achieve high intensity in a workout. This type of technique builds endurance and increases burnt calories during and after the workout.

Proof of Effectivity

Shorter workouts are better

It’s simply too good to be true – This is something you’ll hear from most people who have learned about this specific approach to exercise. And it’s actually true! It may appear too good to be true. However, people have tried it and what do they say?

Meet Lisa – Lisa was featured in Meredith’s introductory video to the workout. She was one of Meredith’s clients. According to Meredith, Lisa was not even able to run a mile on the treadmill nor do proper pushups.

The amazing thing is, Lisa said she was able to lose 14 pounds in a couple weeks. She continued to get better and even gained better muscle mass.

People’s opinions and feedback is essential when deciding to trust or not to trust a product, so there you have it.

More Testimonials and Reviews -There are also a number of review videos on YouTube talking about how effective the workout is. Surprisingly, there are some with actual before and after pictures of themselves showing real progress given by the program.

However, some fitness blogs and other critics don’t seem to see the effectivity of the program saying it doesn’t maximize the potential muscle growth and weight loss of an individual. They say the body needs more than 7 minutes to actually gain results.

Overweight woman working out


The workout program is sold (last time I checked) at $29. It’s not that bad for a workout program. There are others out there selling for more than $50.

The best thing is, you can get your money back if the workout doesn’t work for you. There’s nothing to lose. If you’re interested in trying the product, you can do so without any worries of it being a scam of some sort.


This One and Done workout is a good addition to the list of workouts available out there. It’s short, straight-forward, easy, and it’s for all. Even beginners can try it.

It’s a 7-minute workout – It won’t consume a large portion of your day.

This is important for those who are busy and for those who are lazy. It’s a short workout that they can do anytime during the day.

It’s for everybody – Your age as well as height and weight won’t matter. This exercise is doable to everybody. You can adjust the intensity to your capabilities and move on level by level when you have to.

You won’t need any type of gym equipment -You can do it right inside your bedroom. You’ll just need the floor and a chair – or something you can hold onto.

Bonus smoothie recipes – Scratch the workout! You got smoothie recipes! The package comes with 150 green smoothie recipes you can match with your daily 7-minute workout.

It’s worth trying especially for those who can only workout at home or those who aren’t confident enough to show up in a gym. The smoothie recipes are quite intriguing too.

The 7 minute workout


Any type of exercise is great. There can be a lot of programs out there that you can choose from, but it’s really you who can determine which will work for you. We all have our own preferences and needs. It may have worked for Lisa, but not for others.

And, it could work for you or maybe not. It can also benefit you, but maybe another program can benefit you more. Simply put, it all depends on what your body needs.

What can I say about this program? It’s undeniably beneficial and worth its price. All you have to do is try it to find out.

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