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Herbal Remedies review

Have you ever thought of how diverse our nature is? There are a lot of species – living and non-living that remain unknown to us.

Look around you…

Do you know what the purpose of the things around you are? The plants, are you aware of the healing properties it can provide?

Have you ever thought that these plants that are randomly growing around can provide cure to most illnesses and common ailments?

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This is what the Lost Book of Remedies will teach you. It serves as a hidden treasure chest of information regarding plants and their healing properties.

the lost book of herbal remedy reviews

The book will allow you to discover that there is more to life. It

teaches you how to properly use those herbs to serve its primary uses, which is to cure.

We are now living in a world where we commonly use manufactured medicinal tablets for the treatment of diseases.

Are you tired of taking pills but got a little to no effect? Are you tired of always enduring the side effects of those pills?

If you want to know more about the book or simply want to see if it is true to its claims. You came to the right place. This is a comprehensive review of the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, which was written by Nicole Apelian.

What is The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies?

the lost book of herbal remediesTrue to its title, it is a hidden treasure compressed in a book about herbal remedies that may seem unfamiliar to us. It is an e-book that includes 300 pages of well-organized information regarding the treatment of various illnesses.

It outlines the benefits, ingredients, and even the methods for preparing and using multiple herbal medicines. The book will guide you to maximize the uses of the plants to treat and cure.

Moreover, it includes recipes of tinctures, teas, decoctions, essential oils, syrups, salves, poultices, infusions, and many other natural remedies. Our ancestors have been using it for years. You’ll also find everything you need to know about herbs that are commonly found in your homes and tells you what herbs you should avoid.

At the same time, you won’t have a hard time identifying the difference between each plant as it provides 2-4 high definition images. This is to make sure that you have the right plant with you.

Who is this book intended for? 

This book will bring powerful remedies and will be useful for the people who are:

  • Those who have auto-immune disorders
  • Taking pills for years but felt a little to no effect.
  • Tired of the side effects of the continuous taking of pills
  • Those who can’t afford to get a prescription or don’t want to pay a lot
  • Want to be prepared for a crisis, in case the pharmacy runs out.
  • Or just simply wanted to live a healthier life.

Whether you experience those or not, this book will widen your knowledge, especially when it comes to plants and the medicinal properties it brings.

About the author

nicole apelianOf course, it is essential in a review to know who wrote the book to ensure that this is not a scam, am I right? As consumers, we need to make sure that the author is real so that we can put our trust in their products.

Dr. Nicole Apelian is an herbalist who studied plants and remedies for 20 years. She got her Ph.D. at Prescott College, located in Arizona. Dr. Apelian made this book because she wanted to share what she learned after years of research. She has an auto-immune disease called Multiple Sclerosis, which instead seemed incurable at the age of 29.

She had to get used to her “new normal,” which was to lay in bed for days and even ask the help of others just to go to the toilet.

One day, she realized how she needs to do something and not just rely on the medicines and pills she needs to take.

In 2015, she was one of the first women to appear on History Channel’s show, entitled, “Alone.” She went on to the wild and tried to survive for 57 days without anyone. From there, she was able to learn about the different plants around and how it helps in healing and curing joint diseases.

She wanted to help and make people realize that we should not take our bodies for granted. That is why she compiled all of her ideas backed up with years of research to make The Lost Book of Remedies possible.

What does the book include?

The book includes three lessons that the author wanted to teach you.

herbal medicine

  • First Lesson: It almost killed the author

Like what I’ve said before, Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 29 was the findings for the author’s sudden disease. She suddenly lost her eyesight could not even barely walk. The doctors predicted that she would have to spend her whole life in a wheelchair but now look at her. Her life went back to normal as if she doesn’t have a disease, all because of her thorough medical research about plants and herbs.

Therefore, she wanted you, me, and everyone else to not take our bodies for granted. We should not for it to deteriorate before we take action.

  • Second Lesson: There is a devil inside your medicine cabinet. 

Dr. Nicole Apelian believes that our immune system serves as our inner doctor. She said that taking drugs or pills does help us feel better, but we must keep in mind that it is only temporary. Taking medicines treat the symptoms only but not the root cause of a disease. She also said that those medicines could only tear down your immune system, which will take us to the third lesson.

  • Third Lesson: Taking charge of your inner doctor

The author tells us that we should know how to protect our inner doctor because it is the one who heals us completely. Yes, we should still listen to doctors, but keep in mind that we should believe but doubt. Taking pills to treat the symptoms, but not the root cause, will only destroy our inner doctor. 



Every review needs to have its pros and cons to keep things neutral. So without further ado, here are the pros and cons of The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies. 

lost book of remedies pros and cons


  • The book takes us back to realize how beautiful nature is.
  • It is one of the best options to help you educate yourself on natural healing and remedies.
  • The book encourages us to live a more natural and healthier lifestyle.
  • It is effortless to read and understand.
  • The book also provides visuals to help you further familiarize yourself with how each plant looks.
  • The book provides us with a step-by-step guide on how to prepare natural herbal remedies.
  • There are no side effects to using herbal medicines, unlike over the counter products. It is very safe to use and readily available everywhere.
  • The book is available in two formats: digital (e-book) and physical copies, which may require additional shipping fees.
  • Teaches you also about planting and how to grow those medicinal plants in your backyard.
  • It also comes with a money-back guarantee, which is suitable for 60 days.
  • The book was written and well-researched by a licensed doctor and herbalist.
  • Lastly, the book comes with exclusive bonuses after purchase.


  • The plants mentioned in the book can be inaccessible, as seen in most forests. This may not be helpful if you live in the city as nature around is only limited. So it’s not for everybody.
  • You can go to a specialty store to get the plants mentioned, but it can be time-consuming and may require effort.
  • Preparing the remedies at home aren’t that easy. You must be patient enough to make these remedies as it can emit an unfamiliar smell that would be uncomfortable.
  • Mixing the right measurements and order is essential for these remedies may or may not have substantial effects. It’s better to be careful in the preparations.
  • It may or may not suit your tastes. Honestly, mixing and matching plants might give it a bitter taste.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

herbal remedies

This part hopefully answers all of your questions or queries regarding the book.

This review is not in any way to make you stop taking prescription drugs or medicine or to make it seem like they aren’t effective. And this is not to make you stop believing your doctors. Instead, this review encourages people to live a healthier life naturally.

Where should I buy it?

I highly encourage you to purchase the product or the book only at its official site. The book is only available online, but you can opt to avail of a physical copy for an additional fee.

How much is the book?

The digital copy only costs $37, and if you want to purchase both, you can opt to add $8.99. It also gives you flexible payment options to choose from. Moreover, you can also get two bonus gifts, The 80 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Backyard” & “The Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook” upon purchaseAll are exclusive with a money-back guarantee.

— Just want to buy it? Here’s your link, I couldn’t find it for any cheaper 🙂

Should I buy it?

Well, of course, results may vary from person to person. Our bodies are all different, and how we respond to medicines also differs. Shifting from tablets and pills to natural remedies may or may not treat you, but it is never wrong to try. But then again, choose wisely.



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