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Infatuation Scripts Reviews

In my opinion, infatuation is when we become attracted to one’s physical appearance. We tend to usually like someone just because they’re good looking. And we become infatuated because we see something in them that catches our attention. But infatuation is just temporary.

Yes, we do like them but there’s a thin line between love and infatuation. Love is deeper than that. It is more about accepting their flaws and still loving them despite all those.

So how do we know if it’s love or merely infatuation? Moreover, how do you make a man want you?

It’s kind of scary, right? Having someone whom you thought you loved, only to find out they’re only infatuated. They only like the idea of you but can’t accept who you really as a person. Once they get to know about your imperfections, their feelings will fade almost instantly.

And that’s the problem with most people. Some people tend to fall out of love easily because they’re afraid to commit. They aren’t ready to invest their feelings on someone because of uncertainty.

Infatuation Scripts has been said to help thousands of women avoid rejection from the man they like. It is said to help flip the “master switch” to make men sure about you.

I know you’re all curious to know more about this product. You probably have read previous reviews but still can’t find what you want. So, without further ado here’s the Infatuation Scripts by Clayton Max Review.

What Are The Infatuation Scripts?

infatuation scripts pdf

Infatuation Scripts is a program in the form of an eBook intended to help women get the love they deserve. In today’s generation, it has become more common among women to make the first move. To which, I don’t see anything wrong about it. I think what’s wrong is invalidating the feelings of other people just because you think they’re less superior.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Lol, just kidding šŸ˜‚. But anyways let’s go back to the main point. Infatuation Scripts includes proven methods and technique to make men think that you’re the only one for them. Basically, this program saves you from heartbreak.

The program gives us a deeper understanding of how the minds of men work. Infatuation Scripts holds the key to switch on a man’s powerful drive to make him see you as the one. This powerful drive is called the Infatuation Instinct.

This will lead us to the question, how do you activate a man’s infatuation instinct?

What is the Infatuation Instinct?

Infatuation Instinct is the drive to make a man’s desire to focus on one woman only. Basically, it works by altering a man’s brain chemistry into thinking that you’re the only woman for him. The following are some of the effects of Infatuation Instinct in a man’s brain:

  • Infatuation Instinct creates a halo effect. This makes him think that you’re perfect even with your flaws.
  • It makes him think about constantly.
  • He becomes afraid of losing you.

Infatuation Instinct technically allows men to look at you as if you’re the perfect match for them.

How Do You Activate a Man’s Infatuation Instinct?


Clayton Max believes that not letting a man to always take over is one key to making him want you. Establishing equality in the relationship is important. Thus, he has conceptualized three scripts that trigger a man’s infatuation instinct.

  • Curiosity Scripts – In order to make a man want you, you must make him curious about you. Try to play a little hard to get. This will challenge him to get to know you even more. You can go on dates and spend time with him. But remember, you should keep a little something about yourself for him to guess.
  • Investment Scripts – This is the part wherein you’ll let him make the move. He has to make efforts if he really wants to be with you. He should become invested in a way that he should make efforts to make the relationship work. This is also the phase where he would spend more time getting to know you better.
  • Uncertainty Scripts – Not all men want to be in control. Some of them prefer the type of woman who is independent enough to carry herself on her own. This would make men more interested in what’s really going on inside your mind. Remember, play a little hard to get.

These are just some of the scripts that trigger a man’s infatuation instinct. Upon purchasing the program, you’ll get access to a whole lot more scripts to get the man that you want. Read more to find out.

Who are the authors of the Program?

Before we fully dive deeper into what you can get inside the Infatuation Scripts, let’s first talk about the authors.

Clayton Max and Emma are the authors of Infatuation Scripts. It started when Emma broke her heart after knowing her ex-boyfriend got engaged to another woman. She was deeply in love with him and thought everything was perfect. But, all of a sudden her then-boyfriend wants to call it quits. She can’t accept the fact that he didn’t love her anymore.

Emma made herself think that it was okay as long as they kept communicating. Until he told her that he was engaged to another woman. She had to face the reality that she had to move on and forward with her life.

Am I not enough? Is there something wrong with me?

From then on, Emma consulted different love advisers looking for answers. Until she came across Clayton Max, a professional dating and relationship coach for 11 years. She contacted him immediately and seek his advice.

With the goal of helping thousands of men and women find their destiny, Clayton and Emma decided to create a program. They’ve decided to compile all the scripts that trigger a man’s infatuation instinct. Hence, Infatuation Scripts was born.

What’s Inside The Program?

complete package

Infatuation Scripts eBook by Clayton Max is available in PDF formats. It is divided into four categories subdivided into 21 chapters. All in all, there are 103 pages full of useful content for you to read. Upon getting the eBook you’ll also be given nine more scripts to make use of.

  • Independence Script – A man easily loses interest when a woman makes him feel that they’re always available. An independent woman who can do things by herself is what drives men’s interest and curiosity.

This method teaches you exactly how to become independent. In this way, it’ll challenge him to pursue you even more.

  • Intrigue Script – This technique centers more on keeping him interested. It focuses on keeping the relationship interesting to make it work. You have to get his attention and make him constantly think of you.
  • Cliffhanger Script – Just like in stories, cliffhangers make you want for more. After spending time with him, you have to make him want to spend time with you again. This method will make any man crave for more. End conversations as if it is not yet the end.
  • Barrier Script – Playing hard to get is not always the key. You should draw the line in the relationship. You can open up and express your feelings but don’t let him completely take control.
  • Curveball Script – Curveball is making him feel like he got you all figured out. But that’s not really the case. There should still be a lot more things to learn and discover about you.
  • Shaping Script – This is the phase where the man begins to develop deeper feelings for you. He becomes more invested in the relationship. Thus, causing him to exert more effort to make it work.
  • Temptation Script – This is the part where you’ll woo him to pursue you even more. You make him see that you feel the same but not totally. This method will challenge him even further.
  • ā€œInterested-but-not-soldā€ Script – You will make him see that he has a chance but he has to win you over. It’s like sending him over the edge.
  • Urgency Script – From the word itself, you are making him feel like he has to do something now or he’ll lose you forever. This would make him immediately pursue you to keep you.

Bonus Resource

But wait, there’s more! Upon getting Infatuation Scripts, you’ll also get access to two bonuses that will help you alter your destiny.

  • The Commitment Calculator – It contains audios from Carlos Cavallo. He’ll talk about the myth of commitment-phobia and why men want to commit in a relationship. Furthermore, he’ll also talk about the 7 signals that trigger caution in a man.
  • Make Any Man Yours For Life – This is an eBook by Amy North that teaches you how to cheat-proof your relationship. Amy will talk about the signs, the reasons, and steps to prevent cheating.
  • Why Men Shut Women OutĀ Slade Shaw is a relationship coach and a best-selling author. In this book, he gives an insight into how the male mind works. He’ll try to answer some of the most common questions about men and relationship.

Where Can You Buy The Program?

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Since this is an eBook, you can get Infatuation Scripts together with the bonuses at their official website, makehimsure.com. I’m pretty sure that you’ve read a lot of Infatuation Scripts reviews already.

I believe that you also know that you need to make sure to buy only on their website. This is to ensure that you’ll get a legitimate Infatuation Scripts PDF copy. As there are a lot of scammers out there pretending to sell fakes.

On the other hand, Infatuation Scripts is available for a one-time payment of $49.95. You are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you feel like it didn’t work for you, you are eligible for a 100% refund.

PROS and CONS of Infatuation Scripts

pros and cons


  • Infatuation Scripts will help you get the man that you deserve.
  • It has been proven by a lot of women all over the world. You can check their reviews at their official website, makehimsure.com
  • It is affordable.
  • Packed with bonuses.
  • It is easy to understand.
  • Infatuation Scripts encourages long-lasting relationships.
  • Backed with a 100% refund for 60 days.


  • Infatuation Scripts is only available at their official website, makehimsure.com.
  • It is only available in digital copy. This would be a hassle for those who prefer physical copies.
  • Results may vary.
  • It doesn’t guarantee immediate results.
  • It is advertised in kind of like a sensationalist way.

Final Verdict

final verdict

Whether you are single or already in a relationship, I think you can still make use of Infatuation Scripts. It allows you to understand better how the male minds work. As it saves you from heartbreaks and rejections. Infatuation Scripts talks about understanding why men are afraid of commitments.

Infatuation Scripts not only includes tips and tricks to make a man want you. It also includes explanations and answers to some of your frequently asked question. It’s like having your own relationship coach by your side.

Infatuation Scripts also helps in keeping the relationship work and breaking the stigma of letting men to always take control. It also empowers women to build up their confidence and become more independent.

Just make sure to keep your expectations real as it doesn’t guarantee work for everyone. But it doesn’t hurt to try, right?



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