His Secret Obsession, My review… is this info worth anything?

His Secret Obsession Review

More often than not, women tend to seek validation in relationships, not because they’re being a brat, but because it is vital in every couple’s relationships. You can’t say that women are crazy just because they want to feel valid and understood. Vice versa.

In this new program/course that I have recently discovered, I will reveal some of the things that men and/or women want that they sometimes fail to notice in exhaustion to have a strong relationship in the long run- ending in such a way neither of them predicted.

Love hacks/tips have become a thing online. I saw this one post on Twitter last year about ways how to get someone get-over-heels for you. I would say it’s such a petty thing, but I’m in no position to say remarks like that because I know how that feels like.

I know how it feels to make someone notice you. It’s harder than any posts or texts can even possibly form.

That leads me into digging into this new “obsession” other females have been using to get their man “tied up” and “obsessed” about them and in the relationship.

What is His Secret Obsession and Who Is The Founder?

James Bauer His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession founded by James Bauer is a guide/book that is designed especially for women. It is to help them understand what goes on in their partner’s minds and how they feel about their relationship.

It is a framework for building successful relationships just like the founder himself- James who is a 12-year relationship coach.

He’s also published a few guides about dating and relationships such as “Be Irresistible” and “What Men Secretly Want

His idea is to help any woman who struggles to handle her relationship and her man, or women who want to make their “crush” notice them. I know this sounds like women just fully rely their happiness on a relationship, but this course is way deeper than that.

His Secret Obsession is a downloadable e-book, which also has an audiobook version, that is divided into 2 sections and 17 chapters. It’s a framework based on sound psychology theory and practical advice that women can actually apply in their dating life.

It’s practically our virtual relationship guru, except you can have and keep it forever if you will.

I can see where James is going with this and I want to say I’m on-board. It looks promising, but a little absurd if I’m being honest. True enough, we can’t buy love, but the idea of this book is a little excessive and unnecessary at some point.

Anyway, let’s keep going to see what this thing and James has to bring to the table…

How Does It Work?

This 200-page relationship book works by giving women all the things they need to learn in keeping their relationships going or rekindling a fire that was once burning and alive.

It focuses on the importance of having healthy communication in the relationship, which every couple MUST have apart from trust and love, of course. It teaches women how to communicate better and freely with their man without sounding like they’re just all about their “pleasure” and whatnot.

James stated in a video that the secret to how you become your man’s obsession is right between the pages of this book. You become his obsession not just by meeting his needs but him meeting yours, and it’s not about trying to please him, but him going out of his way to please you.

Product Claims

Wow, that 60-day guarantee sounds riveting and the guide does sound like a total win if you’ve always dealt with failed relationships in the past and if your current is slowly turning into one.

With that being said, James has included 2 vital components in the book that will totally help women understand how relationships work and how to deal with their man.


The Components of His Secret Obsession

  • The Hero Instinct

First thing’s first, James did not, in any way, invent the idea or the concept. I’ve come across “hero instinct” articles several times before so I know, and believe me when I say this isn’t BY him. But everything he says about it is relevant and just pure honesty if I am to base it off from the stuff that I’ve read in the past.

I commend him, though, for bringing it to his book for other women who haven’t heard of it before or do not have an ounce of an idea about what “hero instinct” is for them to see.

The Hero Instinct is how men want to become a “hero” so bad, but not in a literal sense per se. You have to feed their ego for them to feel wanted. Men want to be meaningful soooo badly and by that, they always want to feel driven by purpose and respect.

They want to provide for the people they care about. They want to be the hero of their relationship. They want to be the alpha– the one that their spouse or girlfriend goes to when something bad happens and they try to make it better. That Alpha.

  • The 12-Word Secret Signal

This component talks mainly about the 12-word text to “activate” men’s excitement and eventually attract them. Some of a few “secrets” and/or “techniques” in this component James has stated on their website include but not limited to:

Secret Signal
HSO Review
  1. The Glimpse Phrase– where you give your man the taste of the “REAL” you in a way that will leave him wanting for more.
  2. The Fascination Signal– a phrase you can use to spark such a deep attraction that you’ll become his emotional addiction. It’s one of the most powerful signs that can work in person, through texts, or over the phone.
  3. Silent Action Signals– the “silent signals” where you don’t have to say anything but will make your man “tunnel vision” for you from across the room like it’s love at first sight all over again.
  4. The “I Owe You/IOU” Signal– the phrase men’s secret turn on because it fills them with a deep trust in their partner that makes them see them as their only confidant.
  5. Damsel In Distress Signal– the phrase that will make you discover how to tap into a man’s natural protective instincts to get his undivided love and attention at will. It lets you turn the tables by switching him into “protect and serve” mode so that he’s the one falling all over himself to gain your attention and admiration.
  6. “The Private Island” Signal– it makes your man see you as “The One“. James describes it as the closest thing to a real “love potion” that exists. Really?
  7. The “X-Ray Question”– a signal where you can innocently ask your man to put your worries to rest. Because it lets you get inside your man’s mind and hear what he wishes he could tell you… but can’t.
  8. The “Ex-Back” Signal– 12 simple words into a text to say to your man over the phone, or in-person and watch how quickly he comes crawling back to you. The signal where it’s impossible for him to ignore, resist, or “think his way out of.”
  9. The “Secret Currency” of Happy Relationships– James labels it as the surprisingly powerful signal; the tiny chances every day to make “emotional deposits” in your relationship to grow and strengthen the bond you have with your man.

His Secret Obsession Claim

Wow. Those are one heck of claims and promises, not to mention there’s still a few left to that list. Sounds too good to be true and almost impossible, but who knows, right?

How Much is The Program?

The original price for the program was $197,  but then James wanted to be kind so he offered a discount and reduced the price to $97. He’s all the way being nice so he drops it at $47, even lower price if the buyer gets the program “today“. I’m almost positive it’s an old trick sellers do to get the consumers to speed up the decisions to purchase products but either way, it’s an interesting guide so…

His Secret Obsession Price


James keeps the advice practical and he uses real-life methods like mentioning Rachel, his client/friend to set an example for the viewers/consumers.

Anyone can purchase the program through the official website. If you’re not satisfied with the “results“, James offers a 60-day Moneyback Guaranteewith no hard feelings” whatsoever just so he can prove that his intentions are pure about these women…

60 day Moneyback Guarantee


Pros and Cons of His Secret Obsession

Of course, for you, our reader, to trust me and for me to prove to you that this isn’t a biased review, I am going to list the things I like and definitely dislike about James Bauer’s guide.


  • It discusses the importance of communication in relationships
  • The psychological theories are based on researches
  • Easy to access
  • Transparent and easy to understand by the readers
  • Proven techniques
  • Risk-free
  • You can keep it forever
  • Moneyback Guaranteed


  • No paperback version, just PDFs/e-book and audiobooks
  • The price
  • His ways can be a little patronizing


This guide to healthy relationships was named “His Secret Obsession” for a reason. If I’m being honest once again, I would definitely purchase it. The fact that I wouldn’t have to go to relationship advisers and gurus or coaches will save me and my other half a lot of future trouble.

But of course, it would be all up to you. I’m not here to be biased and talk you into buying the guide just because I found it really fascinating. How relationships work can’t be dictated by a single book or “guide“. We all have different relationships and ways to show how we care for our significant other.

Possessing this kind of book will really not guarantee you of a “happy ending” or a “fairytale-like” ending. Again, we all have different viewpoints and rules in relationships.

But personally, I would really love to have this book for future purposes. Single or not, I think it’s made for every woman for them to know how men think. By possessing this guide, it would save women, especially single ones the struggle of getting to know a guy.

Oh no, it’s not meant to take away the fun of getting to know each other, of course. It will help women figure out how these men think so that they (girls) will know how to reciprocate the same energy.

I hope I have helped you “figure” this book [His Secret Obsession] out. Let us know if you’re planning on purchasing it and if you already have, leave us a comment and tell us your experience. We’d love to hear how it works for you! 🙂


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