Super Tips to Eat Healthy while on a Busy Lifestyle & Traveling

Eating Healthy With A Busy Lifestyle

The pressure to meet deadlines, demanding professional careers, or personal desires to achieve your goals can quickly make us forget about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Busy diet schedules make us overlook our vital nutritional needs. Yet, failure to watch your eating at work can cause unnecessary weight gain and the development of lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes.

So, what should you do? Meeting deadlines while also staying fit and healthy might be hard to do. But, guess what? It is achievable! You can definitely eat healthy, exercise, and maintain a good amount of sleep amidst your busy schedule.

It would all be down to good time management and incorporating the following tips below.

Three Keys To Staying Healthy on a Busy Schedule

1. Diet

Tupperwares are your friends! Yes, that’s right. Although, you might feel like bringing your own food is embarrassing and childish, this would really help you commit to eating healthy, trust me. Find a way to eat right, even if your situation makes it hard.

Pack your previously cooked food and bring it to the workplace if you have to. Healthy eating at work IS WORTH THE EFFORT. There’s almost never a good excuse to eat fast food. It would be best if you kept sugars, animal protein, and saturated fats fairly low. High fiber, unprocessed foods is where it’s at.

Researching different meal plans would surely help you plan out your meals more effectively. As it gives you an idea of what ingredients you can incorporate into your meal to make it healthy.

And plus, by bring packed lunches, you’ll also get to save money instead of your spending hard-earned money always eating out.

So, this is how to eat healthy on the go… it can be hard to stay disciplined on a busy lifestyle diet plan, but again, it’s so worth it in the long run! Your body will thank you for it.


Healthy eating on the go


2. Minimize stress

We all know that a massive percentage of illnesses and health issues have stress as one of their main causes. With everything that’s going on in your workplace, it is almost impossible to not feel stressed.

And, if it continues every day, it might result in burnout or worse, you might develop serious health problems. Physically and even mentally.

Even if we feel like we are running out of time, it is never wrong to take small breaks in between.

Take 5-minute breaks and think about nothing. Or, better read a book on positive thinking, avoid thinking over and over again about the same problem (especially if it doesn’t have a solution), engage in some creative endeavor that you enjoy…

And just, take some time to distract yourself and think of something else outside of work.

Reducing stress


3. Weight lifting and cardio exercise

These are two fantastic ways to let off the stress as well. While also generally keeping your health in check. Shoot for an average of 30 minutes every day. The more, the better.

Progressive overload when it comes to weights will give you the most satisfaction and results. As it would allow your body to adapt to a gradual increase in exercise. Resulting in a stronger and fitter body.

Cardio can either be light or high intensity. You just have to try and see what feels good for your body. What matters is that you were able to de-stress and distract yourself from the pressure.

I know we are all busy and we don’t have enough time to go to the gym frequently. That’s why investing in several online exercise and workout programs is the way to go.

If you want to take working out one step further, these kinds of programs allow you to have your virtual personal trainer at the comfort of your homes.

Moreover, these kinds of workouts usually won’t take much of your time. Just like the One and Done Workout which would only take 7 minutes of your time. This is because they were put together specifically for people who don’t have much time to get fit.

In summary, there is not a particular diet best for busy lifestyles, but you can’t go wrong if you go along these lines.

Some more minor things to consider:

– A Healthy Breakfast

breakfast oatmeal

Breakfast is often regarded as the most important meal of the day, enabling us to have enough energy levels while managing our blood sugar efficiently. Eating breakfast has a lot of health benefits.

Not only it boosts our energy but it also contributes to better memory and concentration. This allows us to perform better and stay alert all throughout a tough day at work.

Avoid a breakfast meal with a high level of sugar and carbohydrates. Consider one that’s very high in nutritional value, such as:

  • Oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, cereals…
  • Foods high in fiber, i.e., whole grains
  • Protein: eggs, lean meats, yogurt…
  • Healthy fats such as avocados or peanuts

No such thing as an easy diet for a busy schedule, but if you’re going to have one good meal, let that be the breakfast.

– Avoid Too Much Coffee, Consider Tea.

As they say, too much is always bad. Too much coffee is not that healthy and can either cause dehydration or increase your blood sugar levels. Coffee is important as it helps us stay awake but we must drink in moderation.

Instead, consider healthy herbal teas like green tea, dandelion root, peppermint, or ginseng. Teas are a healthier option if you want to stay alert at work. They contain just the right amount of caffeine that would keep you up and running during the day.

However, if you cannot stay away from coffee, you can decrease its intake to a lower level.

Nice cup of tea

– Avoid Packaged, Processed and Refined Foods

Most of the packaged foods on the market today are loaded with excess sodium, additives, preservatives, stabilizers, and even chemicals. Although I must admit, they really do taste great, right? But sadly, it’s a big no-no!

Even with their colorful appearance, avoid packaged foods if you wish to stay healthy. The colors and flavors should not confuse you either because most of them are artificial and unhealthy. Eat healthy on the go!

Furthermore, according to one study, they found out that 10% that eat ultra-processed foods was associated with an increase in the risks of cardiovascular disease, heart diseases, and such. That’s why it is important to always watch what you eat.


Eating healthy at work

– Introduce Whole Foods into your Busy Diet Schedule

Whole foods contain a high level of nutritional value, and these are foods that humans have consumed for a long time, meaning their healthy content has been proven for centuries.

They include grains, beans, seeds, nuts, fresh fish or white meat, fruits, and vegetables. Maintaining a plant-based diet involves a lot of health benefits. This would not only help in losing weight but also in improving overall health.

Apart from that, research suggests that the largest environmental benefits were seen from diets containing the least amount of animal-based foods such as vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian diets. Meaning, you are also in a way, protecting the environment indirectly.

For a quick snack, sliced veggies or nut bar is also appropriate. Healthy eating on a busy lifestyle doesn’t have to be that complicated. Don’t trouble yourself in planning your meals as this would just add to your stress. Right?

– Keep Yourself Hydrated

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy is by keeping yourself hydrated. Carry with you a glass water bottle each day as you go to work. If your workplace provides clean drinking water, take advantage of the situation, and stay hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water.

When your body is hydrated, your energy levels remain high, and your digestion is smooth and healthy. Additionally, your hunger levels remain low, and your focus and concentration remain sharp.

Also, adding fruits to your water such as lemon slices would further boost its health benefits.

Unless you have to, it is advisable that you drink room temperature water instead of cold water, which can either slow down the digestion or increase your gastrointestinal contraction.

– Limit the Intake of Alcohol

less alcohol

Parties and celebrations together with your workmates are unavoidable. And when we say party, it usually involves drinking alcohol to mark the end of the day. While it is not bad to drink, it is important to be aware of how much you consume.

As much as possible, avoid drinking too much alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause massive dehydration or long-term health risks such as liver problems.

If you have to take alcohol, you should ensure that you also drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume.

However, if you want to stop and change your habit of drinking alcohol, consider other healthier options. Looking for non-alcoholic drinks might be easier than you can imagine. There are different healthier alternatives like a glass of white wine, light beer, or just water with lots of lemons.

All of which are readily available anywhere.


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