Eat Sleep Burn: REVIEW… did it WORK?? is it science-based?

Eat Sleep Burn Review 2020

As we all know, a healthy, fit body can be achieved through regular workouts and a healthy diet. But did you know that a good quality sleep also contributes to it?

A good night’s sleep is crucial to our overall health. Not only does it revitalize our physical and mental energy; it could also protect us from several health risk factors and serious conditions. Unfortunately, the importance of sleep is often overlooked by many people today.

Partying all night, working till the wee hours of the morning, binge-watching, and many other nightly activities have prevented us from getting some solid shuteye.

So to compensate for lack of sleep, we turn to food for comfort. For some reason, we even have a strong liking to consume high amounts of carbs or sugar-laden food. (Even the thought of it can be really tempting!)

Actually, there’s science behind all this. Why our hunger pangs intensify when we have low quality sleep is because of the interplay of certain hormones – Ghrelin and Leptin – both of which regulate the appetite.

Ghrelin stimulates hunger, while leptin inhibits it. When you have a short, interrupted sleep, these hormones are out of kilter, sending wrong signals to your brain that you are in a state of famine even though your body does not need food.

Because poor sleep makes you feel hungry most of the time, you end up having more hours of the day to eat. Then, you fall into a vicious cycle of gobbling up food to stay awake during the day.

The consequences: overweight, obesity, and other health-related problems.

While both diet and exercise are important in keeping you fit and healthy,  adequate sleep must be prioritized in your health and wellness routine.

With an overabundance of weight loss programs promoting a healthy diet and fat-burning exercises, there is one that specifically focuses on restorative sleep as a way to reduce excess weight. This program is called Eat Sleep Burn.

Let’s find out in this review what this program is all about and whether it really lives up to its claim of triggering permanent weight loss.

What Exactly is Eat Sleep Burn?

Goodnight sleep

Eat Sleep Burn is a revolutionary weight loss plan that provides you with useful techniques for reducing weight, restoring your body’s health, and protecting it from any damage caused by sleep deficiency.

As mentioned a while back in this review, lack of sleep is linked to overeating. When you have poor sleep, the two hormones, namely, ghrelin and leptin start to work erratically, giving you false hunger alarms that make you unnecessarily eat more food.

But there’s another hormone that also creates a huge amount of fat deposits in your body, particularly in your belly. This is the stress hormone called cortisol. According to one study, sleep disruption can lead to increased levels of cortisol in the bloodstream. When your cortisol levels spike, you tend to overeat even when you are not hungry, which is called emotional or stress eating. This leads you to gain more weight in the long run.

Still another thing that happens when you are deprived of a peaceful sleep is that your body burns “lean tissue” for energy rather than stored fat. This is because of your RER or Respiratory Exchange Rate, the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide when you breathe, which changes when your sleep cycles get messed up. It was found in a recent study that an unsteady RER from interrupted sleep cycles results in losing lean muscle tissue instead of fat. Losing lean muscles means that you are burning fewer calories, and this makes losing weight even harder on your part.

That being said, the Eat Sleep Burn program is aimed at improving your sleep and stabilizing the release of these hormones so you’ll feel invigorated throughout the day.

The end goal of this program is to help you achieve your body goals safely and naturally without the need for strenuous exercises or strict dieting.

What’s Included in Eat Sleep Burn Package?

Eat Sleep Burn Training Program

Because this program focuses on resolving your issues about sleep patterns and quality, much of the content is related to it. Basically the first manual covers the following topics related to sleep:


Chapter 1: The Mind-Body Connection: Unlocking Your Nervous System for Massive Results

  1. A Nervous System Overview
  2. Switching Off Your SNs and Switching On your PNs
  3. Ways to Increase the Mind-Body Connection

Chapter 2: The Science of Sleep

  1. Sleep’s Effect on Hormones, the Brain, and Your Muscle Development
  2. Sleep and Immune System
  3. Sleep and Fat Gain
  4. Sleep and Performance
  5. Sleep Quality Strategies

Chapter 3: The 10 Rules for Getting the Perfect Nights Sleep

Chapter 4: Bulletproof Rituals for Getting the Perfect Nights Sleep

Chapter 5: The Sequential ShutDown Method

Chapter 6: Protocol Section

  1. Understanding Supplements
  2. Building the Foundation
  3. Advanced Protocols

The manual will introduce you to the technique called Sequential Shutdown Method or SSM, which will help you burn the stubborn belly fat, strengthen your lean body muscles, and improve the quality of your sleep.

Herbal Slimming Tea

In addition, you’ll have access to the Eat Sleep Burn tea recipe that contains special, secret ingredients designed to ease you into a deep, restorative, fat-burning sleep. This sleep slim tea works its way to eliminating the fat deposits and other toxins in your body while you are in a state of deep sleep.

Along with the main manual on improving sleep, you will get access to  other guides for weight loss, including:


Bonus Ebook 1

28-Day Metabolic Reset–  this guidebook gives you access to the most efficient way to exercise for weight loss. It provides you with the proper techniques for performing bodyweight exercises that burn off your belly fat and reset your hormones to reduce hunger and eliminate unnecessary food cravings.

Bonus Ebook 2


The Limitless Potential System – This guide provides you with essential tips and tricks that help your body to recover from stress, hypertension, environmental pollutants, and more.



21 Day Online Coaching

21-day free access to the online coaching program of Dan Garner, the developer of this program, who offers to share his most important new insights and discoveries with you. You’ll also be instantly added to their exclusive Facebook group where you can get the motivation you need to stick to the program until you get the amazing results.

You can purchase the main package of the Eat Sleep Burn weight loss program online from the official website for a discounted price of 37 USD only.

How Does This Program Help You Lose Weight?

Slim Body

Eat Sleep Burn aims to help its users achieve their ideal body weight and shape by improving the quality of their sleep. A sound, restorative sleep is needed so that your body can stabilize the levels of leptin and ghrelin in order to reduce excess weight or induce weight loss. In relation to that, here are a few things to expect from this program:

  • The program comes with a tea recipe made from potent ingredients that put you in a relaxing, deep sleep while at the same time pushes out all of the toxins as well as surplus fat from your body.
  • It teaches you about the precise Shutdown Sequence required to guarantee the exact form of potent sleep that will naturally melt away all your excess body fat.
  • It introduces the 3 key Sleep Switches that make it easy to reclaim your energy and vitality.
  • It provides some tips to repair your body’s internal clock or Circadian Rhythm so that you drift off to sleep and wake up around the same time every day without the need for an alarm or feeling any morning grogginess.
  • It also teaches about the “Bat Cave” method that allows you to fall easily into a deep and restorative sleep.
  • It helps you control a powerful “neurotransmitter” in your brain that instantly lets you get rid of anxious thoughts.
  • It gives emphasis to the 2 rules you must never break when taking a nap.
  • It offers one simple trick you can use to double the amount of fat-burning deep sleep you get every single night.
  • It aids in reducing cancer-causing inflammation throughout your body without the danger of chemical-based, expensive drugs.

Who’s Behind this Weight Loss Program?

Dan Garner

Dan Garner is the creator of the Eat Sleep Burn weight loss manual. He is a well-known fitness mentor who specializes in physique transformation and athletic performance.

I did a little research about Dan Garner and found out that he is also the head strength coach and nutrition specialist at, and the owner and founder of Team Garner. Garner holds many educational credentials, including being an Honors graduate with a diploma in Health, Wellness and Fitness, and Honors graduate of the Functional Medicine University.

Dan Garner claims to have over 1000 personal coaching clientele experience. He has coached athletes in the NFL, NHL, UFC, MLB, and Olympics, as well as prominent Hollywood actors. He is also an expert contributor to online podcasts and nutrition blogs, prestigious research review contributor, NSCA lecturer, and #1 best selling Amazon book author.

Given his outstanding credentials, you can definitely say that he is a real deal. Which brings us to the next question…

Is Eat Sleep Burn a Real Deal or Scam?


What makes this weight loss program legit and not a scam is that all its claims are backed by science and research. It presents the manual in such a way that its readers can easily grasp the logic behind the importance of sleep and its impact on overall health.

The program is developed by Dan Garner, who is a professional fitness coach and whose credentials speak for themselves, so he definitely knows what he is talking about.

Also, the manual is currently achieving big successes across the industry, given the fact that it has become instrumental to the weight loss journey of thousands of people.

Positive and Negative Reviews

Of course, the Eat Sleep Burn weight loss program is not without any issue at all. Just like many other fitness plans, there are also pros and cons attached to it. But the benefits  far outnumber the drawbacks and here are the reasons why:

Measurement toolsPros

  • The program does not involve any type of starving or strict dieting and hardcore exercises.
  • Sleeping techniques are science-based so they are  quite effective
  • It provides a perfect solution to eliminate your unwanted fats
  • The slim sleep tea is 100% herbal and no harmful additives
  • You will be able to regain your confidence and live a healthier life
  • There are free online coaching sessions with Dan Garner
  • There are additional sources and special offers that can help you fast-track weight reduction
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can get your investment back, risk-free if you’re not happy with the results

Cons Digital product only

  • It is a digital product, so you can have access to it only through online
  • The results you get from this program is not typical, as provided in their official sales page; they vary according to your body conditions


What People Say About Eat Sleep Burn

Based on some independent reviews as well as reviews from the actual users online, you can say that this program really does wonders. Many people have benefitted, with some claiming to have regained their old body shape, and others, have revitalized their energy and boosted their confidence.

Final Verdict

The Eat Sleep Burn weight loss program is scientifically designed to promote great health for men and women of all ages. It tackles all aspects of health issues by improving the quality and the duration of your sleep each night. Certainly, it is not just your typical weight loss program that focuses only on getting you in shape, but more importantly, it is a healthy lifestyle regime that gives emphasis on getting good quality sleep to restore your vitality and protect you from a number of chronic illnesses and other health problems.


So if you are looking for a safe, natural,  and effective program that offers lots of benefits to health and wellness, Eat Sleep Burn is going to be worth a try. You can check their official website to get more infos about the program, and who knows, it might be one of the wisest decisions you’ll ever make.



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