Parallel Profits: REVIEW + Aidan Booth… credible??

Parallel Profits is a brand new program about to launch by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

They achieved glory in the world of Internet Marketing thanks to programs like 7 Figure Cycle and 100kFactory.

They are respected in the industry, and trusted.

That’s why I’m writing a new review for the launch on January 2019.

Making money online is a challenge for most people. Not beacuse they are not talented, but because they lack direction. They don’t know where to start, and they never do.

Listen, you can learn anything in the world in the Internet. What you need is someone to tell what works and what doesn’t.

Parallel Profits review


Selling on Amazon? Ranking in Search Engines (SEO)? Pay per Click?

The list of ways in which you can build a business online is endless.

Let me go on: Affiliate marketing. Content marketing. Blogging. CPA. Social networks success.

Etc. Parallel Profits sounds like cloning a little biz model several times, instead of focusing on one, doesn’t it? We’ll see! That’s why I made this review.

So, nobody knows still what Parallel Profits is going to be about exactly, it’s probably going to be a comination of two of those methodologies. We’ll keep this updated.

What we definitely will be focusing on, is the guys behind it: Aidan Booth & Steve Clayon.

They have been around forever in this industry and have a lot to say. We’ll explore the experiences and opinions of past clients, which I have personally read. “The real deal”, one of them called them. And I’m not being biased because I’m promoting this.

Stay tuned for updates.
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Parallel Profits Review Summary:

  • Price: $2497 probably. Smaller three-payments plan available as well.
  • to be continued


About Aidan Booth:

Aidan Booth from Parallel Profits


This is Aidan Booth’s site and blog. He lives in Argentina with his family right now, but at a business level he’s based in the US. Having been around for so long, you cannot find negative reviews or anything, so really good news.

Steve Clayton has been his business partner for a long time, you can watch him in the videos and Aidan has a blog post where he talks about some instance where Steve had crazy success in a very short period of time.


Steve Clayton review

So, in conclusion, one of the best work at home opportunities is coming our way. Don’t be overly skeptic and perhaps give this a change when it’s out. Full money back guarantees are always handed out also, so trying is a good idea. Worst case scenario, you quit, you get refunded… and you will have learned a lot at least. Everything is a valid experience in the world of online entrepreneurs. You could benefit 10 years from now from what you learned thanks to this program.


More information is out!

Marketing is at the heart of any good business. If people don’t know your product or service, they can never buy them. In recent years, with the advancement in technology, marketing techniques and practices have changed drastically.

Today, most of the marketing happens online. Everyone is connected to the internet in some way and businesses have started harnessing this huge pool of potential customers at their disposal. Social media marketing has taken off as well. Youngsters and experienced professionals alike are on social media. A strong social media marketing strategy enables businesses to acquire customers here as well.

The Power Of Online Marketing

Small businesses, traditionally, have had a local customer base. Most products were sold through the front desk. However, the advent and advancement of internet has changed the game completely. Sales happen online today.

People prefer having products delivered home. And they discover products and services online as well. So, local businesses are now shifting their attention to online marketing. For small businesses, a great online marketing strategy opens up the customer base. Instead of selling local, they can go global.

The power of online marketing

Problems Associated And The Solution

Most businesses do not know how to create a good online marketing strategy. And there aren’t enough tools and knowledge sources to help them either. There are millions of websites that claim to be education material but do not deliver on the promise.

Small businesses need a one-stop-solution for all their online marketing needs. One source of information that will help them take the game to the next level. With this in mind, marketing gurus Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have announced that they are starting Parallel Profits. And the best thing is, you can be a part of this exciting venture too!

Parallel Profits

Because of the secrecy involved, we do not have exact details. However, what we do know is it is going to be an franchise venture and you will be invited to work as part of their team. Registrations have already begun and there’s a tangible buzz surrounding the whole thing.

Parallel Profits is going to be an education program and software. It is designed to teach young, upcoming marketers and small businesses to understand marketing and excel at it. The focus of the training program and software is going to be Online Marketing. Steve and Aidan have also promised that this is going to be nothing like any other product on the market.

How Is It Any Different?

Parallel Profits is about putting control in the hands of the marketers. If you are fed up with your 9 to 5 job, this is for you. You can sit in the comfort of your home and earn a solid income. You don’t have to have a product to sell. You are provided the product. You do not have to maintain an inventory, oversee the transportation, and worry about the problems of a traditional business.

You will be a part of Steve’s and Aidan’s affiliate program. That comes with its own benefits. Everything you need to run your business is done for you. Parallel Profits will take care of the transportation, inventory, and accounting. You just have to market the product.

One thing that consumes a lot of time for any business owner is meeting the customers. With P.P. you can skip through that. The company has a long list of experts and professionals who will deal with customer issues. Because of this, the job does not require any specialization or expertise. Anyone with a burning desire to be successful can do it.

Before Starting A Business, You Should Always Ask A Very Important Question

Is The Business Scalable?

Because if a business is not scalable, your returns will not increase. Instead, you will be stuck, earning the same money for years.

Your business is scalable with Parallel Profits. The number of people who want to learn about Online Marketing is huge. Every business wants a bigger piece of the pie. Everyone wants more customers and they will do everything to achieve that.

Now, this basically gives you an unlimited market. As long as people want to learn, you have a product to sell.

Moral: The program is not just scalable but the potential for it is immense.

About The Founders

Before beginning any business, you need to know the people behind the venture. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are hugely successful affiliate marketing gurus.

Steve and Aidan are known to create amazing products with solid marketing strategies. Their two biggest hits are 100k Factory and Figure Cycle. Both the companies are very successful with turnover in the millions. The success behind this team comes from a fundamental understanding of the importance of marketing.

Steve was a VP in a Fortune 500 company. Realizing the potential he had outside the company, he started building his own companies. Between Aidan and Steve, at least 7-8 companies have been started and all of them are successful.

5-star reviews

Why Reviews Matter

The truth of any business can be found out from its reviews. It is a testament to the prowess of Aidan and Steve that all their companies mostly have positive feedback and reviews online. You know the companies and a simple online search will prove that to you.

– Why is there such a huge buzz around Parallel Profits?
Because it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Yes, you won’t become a millionaire overnight. In fact, it will take determination and dedication and hard work for you to succeed. And that is good. Most fake companies promise a million dollars overnight and leave you high and dry. With Parallel Profits, that will not happen.

The other reason is experience. The founders are have industry experience. They know the market in and out. More importantly, they have built businesses in the past that have worked brilliantly and continue to do so.

There are hundreds of thousands of get-rich-quick schemes out there. This isn’t one of them. Selling online services, when done right, can be an honest source of income. However, most companies don’t do it right.

Parallel Profits seems to be on the right track.

There are NOT ridiculous promises and the people behind it have a solid track record. If you want to be successful at Internet Marketing, this could be a wonderful place to start…

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